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Born in 1745 on the island of Guadeloupe, son of an enslaved Senegalese woman and a wealthy French landowner, Joseph was taken to Paris as a young boy to be educated at the best schools, trained as a fencer, equestrian, dancer and, above all, violinist, composer and conductor. Through music, narration, and shadow artistry, the Chevalier Project will bring to life the music and talent of Saint-Georges, allowing young students a glimpse of the challenges he faced because of his skin color while emphasizing his strength of character, his intellectual prowess, and his exceptional gift for music.

Susan Lamb Cook (cellist), Deborah Pittman (clarinetist), and Christopher Cook (visual artist/director) collaborate to create a multimedia work narrated by vocal artist, Omari Tau in this new and imaginative work that marries fascinating historical narrative, vibrant visual art, and majestic music to tell this awe-inspiring tale.​

The film and study guide will be available beginning Fall 2021 free of charge to all schools not only in the greater Sacramento and Nevada City areas but also nationwide, to enrich the classroom education of 4-6 grade students.